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“What if I never see anyone ever again?” Craig asked, imagining his parents sending him somewhere so they wouldn’t have to look at the disgrace that was their son. “What if I never see Tweek again.”

“Tweek isn’t important right now,” Kenny said, his words carrying that note of brutal honesty the Sandy-blond seemed to specialize in. “You are important. I know that you don’t want to lose him, but you aren’t going to so focus on yourself. Because if you let yourself get wrapped up in other people and forget yourself, it will only hurt worse. That will kill you, Craig. Maybe not today, but it will kill you all the same.”

“But…” Craig shook his head. Because when it came down to it, he just wanted to be friends with Tweek, and this whole thing was tied up with the boy. He couldn’t not think about him. Pulling away from Kenny, or at least trying to, the taller boy softly mumbled, “If we could just not fight, or- or deal with this shit…” I feel better when I’m around him.

“Listen to me Craig,” Kenny said, his sky-blue eyes bright and intense. “Making Tweek feel better will not solve your problems. You can’t rely on a friendship to fix everything. You can lean on your friends, the close ones should be there to help you, but in the end, you have to face what is trying to back you into a corner and fight it. In any way you can.”

“Tweek helps,” Craig said faintly.

“Right now, he isn’t helping,” Kenny said, his tone blunt and unmoving. Craig fought those words, pushed back mentally against them, but the boy before him just backed them up by continuing, “He could help, but he isn’t.”

Shaking his head, Craig growled, “That’s not true.”

Kenny chuckled ruefully. “Maybe before it wasn’t, but right now, Tweek can’t help you. Even if you go to him and sit in his room and listen to him ramble till you both pass out, that isn’t help, Craig.” Holding Craig there like he could inject his own strength into the other boy through his wrists, the Sandy-blond insisted, “This isn’t the time to run, this when you face things Craig. You used to face things head on, what happened to that fucker, I want him back.”

“Are things going to get better with Tweek?” Craig asked, knowing that he was ignoring most of what Kenny was saying and wishing he knew how to adress it.

“Yes,” Kenny said with the confidence that Craig lacked. “It might take a bit, but I told you things like this took work, and right now, Tweek needs to pull some weight.” When Craig opened his mouth, the Sandy-blond cut across him with, “He will, I know Tweekers is figuring it out as we speak. And I’m not saying you can’t go talk to him after this is over, but sometimes Craig, you need to be the center of your own universe so the rest of your life doesn’t go spinning out of orbit.”

from Communicationally Challenged by TeamAlphaQ

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